Worms, Glorious Worms!

So when I started writing this, I was thinking I had a worm-story hat-trick for you. Well, those three stories have already grown to at least 5 amazing worm-themed stories from the couple of weeks. So in honour of International Compost Awareness Week (I couldn’t make this up!), I bring you some worm love.

Over the past years, I’ve been called the Garden Lady so many times that it’s how I now tend to refer to myself. But a couple of weeks ago, I got a new title. A Kindergarten boy whose class I’d worked with the week before walked by, took a second to recognize me, and then said “Oh…. hi Worm Lady!” Love it!

As I went into another kindie class that same week to do a worm lesson with them, one of the girls gave me this adorable drawing she’d drawn for me: DSCN1653

A couple of weeks ago, I had a fun weeding session with some grade 1s. I wanted to get some weeding done in the Blake Garden before we got a big soil delivery the next week, so I took some grade 1s out there to help out. Kids tend to love weeding and this session was no exception – they get permission and specific instructions to destroy stuff! What could be better? 😉 While digging around in the soil to pull out the roots, they of course stumbled upon some soil critters. I think I got shown every single worm that they found, plus some grubs, some ants and a spider. Every creature discovery provoked the same reaction of incredible excitement (and occasionally slight disgust)! (This class is definitely an enthusiastic bunch!)

Last Sunday, I was sitting in the park one lovely day having ice cream with a friend, when we noticed a couple of 5ish year olds walking around the park with an earthworm. Suddenly they were right beside us, and the little girl asked the boy holding the worm whether the bench would be a good safe place to put the worm. I suggested that worms prefer damp soil and being underground and that the worm might like the nearby garden bed, but the kids thought it would be too easy or the robins to dig them out. I love the kid-logic: the patch of soil is too dangerous because the birds can dig through the soil to get the worm, while placing the worm fully exposed on a park bench would apparently be safer for the worm. Do I just exude earthworm love/knowledge, so that random kids in the park come up to me with worm questions? Love it!

And this week at Withrow, I was walking down the hall at the end of the day when I saw a Kindergarten girl I’d shown worms to the week before. This was my highlight quote of the week: “Hey, Elin, you almost look like a worm. Like your hair looks like a worm, how it’s all like curled around like worms do.”

Happy growing!


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  1. Posted by Taimi on May 6, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    Can you send your grade 1s to my back yard to weed? Thanks, that’d be lovely. :o)


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