We have compost bins!

Ok folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: my post about compost bins! (Ok ok, maybe not everyone gets quite this excited about compost bins… but I sure do!)  Already in the spring, the amazing folks at FoodShare’s Field to Table Schools programme had promised to donate some wooden compost bins to the Blake school garden.  (They had some left over from an earlier project, where high school students built compost bins for school gardens.)  At that point, we weren’t quite ready to have the bins in the garden, though.  First, we wanted to have our fence in place, we needed to find an appropriate spot for the bins, and we needed to figure out an affordable and practical way to get the bins from FoodShare to Blake.  The fence building dragged on a bit, spring got crazy, and then summer break came…  Luckily, FoodShare folks are patient and they had some space to hold on to the bins until we were ready for them.  So one of our priorities for the garden this fall was to get the bins to the school.  The final transportation decision was to get movers to do it.  Last Friday was the day: the movers went to FoodShare, picked up the mythical compost bins, and brought them over to Blake, where I met them and told them where to place said bins.  The movers were great! They said this was one of the randomest jobs they’ve ever had, and one of them kept teasing me about the fact that I was SO excited about compost bins.  The other mover, though, was excited to find out about the school garden project, as he’s currently working on an urban agriculture project himself.  Fun coincidence.

So yes, the bins are now in place.  They are not quite ready to be used yet, though.  Mike, the FoodShare compost guru, had a couple of suggestions on how to prepare the bins to reduce the chance of rodents.  And we also still need to figure out with teachers the best way to implement the in-class compost collection.  But the getting the bins was a huge step, so I’m super excited that they’ve made it!




Here they are!

Our compost bins! Aren’t they pretty?

A HUGE thanks to the wonderful people at FoodShare!

Happy growing!


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  1. […] you remember how excited I got about getting compost bins in the Blake garden?  Well, imagine how excited I am now that we’ve actually started using […]


  2. Posted by Mel Siah on February 5, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    Hi! I was just wondering, do you fill up one box then leave it to mature for a couple of months while you fill the next one? I was wondering if we should try to build a few smaller, less imposing bins instead of one large one with a hole in the side to empty (which is a built challenging to make?). Mel


  3. Hi Mel! With the 3-bin system, you pretty much move the stuff to the next bin when the first bin gets full. The composting happens in all three bins. In terms of a household composter, having a 3-bin system is probably too big. But they generally recommend having bins that are about 1x1x1 metres in size – this allows for enough action to be happening in the bin for it to heat up (and kill seeds and pathogens). So I’d suggest one (or two) big bins over a few smaller ones. There are some pretty simple designs online for wooden bins with removable sides. Happy composting! 🙂


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