We have a fence!

As of the summer, we have a fence around the Blake school garden! Hooray!

There are a few reasons that I’m excited about this fence. First of all, it makes the garden look more intentional and permanent. We’d been using this old metal fencing, but it looked really ratty and temporary, and was pretty unsafe. The wooden fence looks oh so much better!  Another thing that I hope the fence will help with is to make the garden feel more like an outdoor classroom rather than just a part of the play space in the schoolyard.  I hope it will help the kids to mentally get into garden mode when they’re inside the fenced area. (I may be overestimating the power of the fence, but I think it’s an important element to have a bit of a separate garden ‘zone’.)   And last but not least, I’m hoping that the fence will reduce the amount of dogs walking right through the garden (and leaving the lovely gifts that dogs like to leave).

Here are a couple of pictures of the fence:

The first time I saw the new Blake garden fence, I was on my way home from a Withrow garden workbee… It was getting late and dark, but I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to take a couple of pictures!



The garden’s a bit of a weed jungle after the summer, but hey, the fence looks good!





















Today, we also got three compost bins delivered to us from FoodShare! I am beyond excited! Pictures of those coming soon…

Happy growing!


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