Weekly highlights

My garden work is often quite rewarding, but there are sometimes moments that stick out.  This week, I had a few such moments.

On Tuesday, one of my Withrow Garden Club grade 1 girls gave me this amazing picture she had drawn.  Your first impression might be, “okay, a cute picture of a girl in a garden”… But look closely at the soil! Do you see why this drawing is so special?

Can you see what’s underground?

That’s right, she drew earthworms underground! Amazing!


On Wednesday at Blake, I made salad with 3 kindergarten classes.  Making food with them is always fun (though inherently chaotic), and watching them eat healthy foods from the garden is great! But this week’s afternoon kindie class just added that little bit of extra special creativity.  They had crackers for snack that day, and one of the kids decided to crumble the crackers into the salad as croutons.  And then, of course, his whole table group did the same thing, and were saying how it felt like eating in a fancy restaurant. And then they all asked for 2nds and 3rds of salad!

Sometimes the special moments are finding something cool in nature or in the garden, and being able to share that with others who are equally as excited about what I’ve found.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been helping to run a seniors’ garden group at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre rooftop garden.  A different experience from working with the kiddies, and despite my nervousness before starting with this group, it’s been really fun and rewarding as well. A great group of gardeners!  There have been lots of great moments and conversations with them, but yesterday’s highlight moment for me was something I found in the garden, and was able to share with folks who understood my excitement!  I found this in the garden:

Ok gardeners, can you tell what this is?

Ok, it might not be the most exciting or revealing of pictures, but I’m sure there are some of you out there who will think it’s as cool as I thought it was!  All of us who have ever grown tomatoes have certainly had plenty of “volunteer” tomatoes, resulting from tomatoes that have fallen on the ground and rotted over the fall and winter, or tomatoes that have ended up in the compost.  But this was the first time I’ve actually seen such distinct evidence of last year’s tomato.  There were all sorts of tiny tomato plants that had sprouted right in last year’s tomato’s peel! I thought it was pretty awesome, and I showed it to everyone else and was happy to see that they got why I thought it was neat!

So lots of fun moments this week!

But I think the most touching moments were yesterday, when I was weeding in the Blake garden.  I had two parents I hadn’t met before come up to me during the afternoon and ask “are you Elin?” … meaning that their kids talk to them about the garden programme enough that the parents remember my name.  It’s a great feeling to know that the garden programme isn’t just something the kids go through the motions with at school, but something they find exciting and important enough to share with their parents!

Happy growing!



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