A dry spell

Though it feels a bit weird writing this while it’s raining out, for a few weeks in May, we had a pretty serious hot and dry spell.  A challenge right during transplanting season…

I was surprised that the things we had just transplanted (tomatoes, peppers, basil) did relatively well.  But there were definitely some things that weren’t terribly happy with the hot and dry.  Lots of radishes, spinach, salad greens, etc. have bolted (i.e. gone to bloom, and then to seed).  With radishes, it’s ok, since you can eat the blossoms and seed pods too – you actually get way more food out of a radish if you eat the seed pods rather than the radish root itself.  Hopefully there’ll be some seed pods this week that we can put into some salads.

Radish blossoms! Tasty and pretty!

Mustard greens gone to flower. Luckily you can eat these blossoms too!














It’s tough with dry-spells, since I’m only at each school one day a week and can’t check on how things are doing in between. On the transplanting days, each plant got at least one 5 litre watering can full, which just disappeared into the parched ground.

The kids liked the dry-spell though – it meant watering every time at Garden Club! Kids LOVE watering!  And they’re especially amused by the taps that we have at the schools. The taps a) need to be turned on with a special key, b) stick straight out of the wall (instead of curving down like most taps) meaning I have to hold the watering cans in an awkward way usually resulting in water dripping on my pants, and c) they are hard to turn on and therefore often cause some serious spray’age resulting in me (and sometimes some others) getting pretty soaked.  I’ve learned that quick-dry pants are key to happy garden days.

For the last week or so, the weather has been more conducive to gardening, with a good mix of sun and rain, so I’m looking forward to seeing how things are growing in the coming days!

Happy growing!

Radish seed pods! Yum!


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