Fun Fair compost activities

It’s been another couple of busy weeks in gardenland and beyond, but things have calmed down somewhat, so it’s time for another update or two.

On May 31st, Blake had their annual Family Fun Fair.  As usual, the parent garden group had a table, where they gave out free seedlings that were left over from our seedling starting in the school and which had been donated from a few different places.  It’s a great way to get other parents interested in the garden, as well as encouraging people to try growing their own food at home.

I also had a compost table set up, to get folks excited about the compost project! It’s hard to compete with bouncy castles and candy floss, but I did have a number of kids come by and met a few parents as well.  I had set up this compost info board:

My compost display at the Fun Fair

I also had a couple of activities, one for the younger kiddies and one for the older ones. For the younger kids, I made a “compost pledge” board, where they had to pull a picture from a flower pot, tell me if it was compostable, and if it was, they had to colour it, write their name on it, and glue it on the “I will compost at Blake” poster.  For the older kids, I had set up a “Compost Collaborative Poetry” poster.  I had some compost- and garden-themed words on there, and they had to write a garden/compost word or sentence that started with one of the letters on the board.  (That was a cryptic explanation… I’ll take a picture and post it…)

And, there were some folks there from a company that sponsors Blake’s breakfast programme who took some pictures, which you can check out here.  There are some garden pictures about halfway down.

Happy growing!


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