Beautiful garden resources… in Swedish!

In the past few months I’ve been given a couple of beautiful and amazing garden resources that I just can’t help but share, even though they are in Swedish.

For my birthday, I received a book a book in the mail from one of my wonderful relatives in Sweden.  It’s called “Pyret och Piff planterar” by Ulrika Widmark, illustrated by Ingrid Vang Nyman (who also illustrated Pippi Longstocking).  The book is from the mid 20th century, but pretty timeless.  It’s about a little girl and her dog starting a food garden, and their adventures, challenges and successes along the way.  It’s written in rhyme, though, making it a challenge for me to translate.  But I’ll share a couple of pictures of it.

Pyret and her dog Piff plant a garden

One of the pages in the book












"Maja's garden game"

My favourite category: "Vegetable friends". The pictures are Carrot Man, Rhubarb Friend, Salad Girl, and Fennel Boy.

When I was in Sweden in the fall, another one of my wonderful relatives sent me home with a Christmas present, which was a deck of cards for a “go fish” type game, but with a garden and vegetable theme.  Absolutely beautiful!    And though the cards are in Swedish, I think this is one that I can probably play with non-Swedish kiddies, as long as they know the names of their veggies. 😉  A good way for me to expand my Swedish garden vocabulary too.  They are illustrated by Lena Anderson, based on a book (or book series?) about Maja and her garden (Majas trädgård).  She also illustrated the Linnea books that some of you may be familiar with (like Linnea in Monet’s Garden).  I’m looking forward to taking out some garden and nature themed books from the library which are written and/or illustrated by Lena Anderson.  I’ll let you know how they are, and if and how I use any of them in my classes.  In the meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful illustrations.


Garden tools

The cards. Who wants to play veggie-themed "go fish"?


Happy growing!



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