Community Garden Mapping

Mapping out the garden, with post-it notes.

As I’ve written before, the Blake school garden is a combination school and community garden.  One of the goals of the project is to increase parent and community involvement in the school.  The parents and other community members who are part of the garden committee are super important to the success of the project: they water the seedlings, they help with classroom workshops, and they are essential for the survival of the garden over the summer months.  That means that we want the plants to be as useful and relevant to them as possible.  The moms chose most of the plants for the garden this year, though we did keep some plots for specific school activities as well.  We also had a meeting with them last week to map out the garden.  We used post-it notes and a garden diagram – the post-its are great for when we keep changing our minds of what to put where…  It was really great to collaborate with them on this, and hear their tips and idea for planting and growing.  Looking forward to trying out some new techniques this year.

And I’m really looking forward to growing and trying some of the crops that I haven’t tried before, like channa, green gourd and fenugreek.  There was also a brief discussion about them putting together a small collection of recipes using the veggies we’re growing in the garden, which I think would be brilliant!

Happy growing!


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