It’s that time of year again

I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is spring again.  It’s not because we haven’t had spring-like weather; in fact, the couple of weeks or so have been warm and sunny, almost summery.  But it’s the fact that winter never really came this year.  As a gardener, winter is the time I when I plan out the coming year’s gardens: choose and buy seeds, map out the gardens, etc.  But this year, with the November-like weather all through the winter, it didn’t really dawn on me that I should be doing those things, subconciously putting those things off until the snowy season.  But I have finally gotten rolling on my plans, though the gardens aren’t yet mapped out.

My handy dandy garden journal.

And to go along with the theme of having missed my garden planning time over the winter, I’ve recently been having my annual mid-March quasi-panic moments. Feelings of not remembering how to start seeds, forgetting when to plant stuff, not knowing how to run the gardens… But then I realize that a) I’ve done this before, b) I’ve been successful at this before, and c) I have tons of resources collected over the past couple of years to refer to. I’m super thankful for my garden journal that I started keeping about a year ago. It’s been great to refer back to it for dates of when I planted different things, what workshops I did with which classes last year, etc. It feels good to be somewhat organized.

I had my big seed-buying session last weekend, at the Scarborough Seedy Saturday event.   Last year’s event downtown at the Hart House was so huge, that Seedy Saturdays were split up in a number of smaller events all over the city this year.   Timing-wise, the Scarborough event worked best for me, so I headed there on March 17th.  It was really small, and exactly what I needed.  I tend to get way too enthusiastic at these events and buy tons of seeds I don’t really need, so this was good and efficient.  I bought the 8 packages of seeds from Urban Harvest that I needed for the Blake school garden, had a nice chat with Hannah from Matchbox Garden, got a bit of compost advice from Mike at FoodShare, and got some great tips on harvesting worm compost from Cathy’s Crawly Composters.  A good little event since I had a pretty precise plan, rather than the desire to browse.

I’m also excited to be starting the garden season a bit earlier this year at Blake, since we already have the garden in place and don’t have to dig a new garden.  I’ll keep you up to date on those developments.  Lots to write there, so I’ll do those in a separate post (or two).  Lots going on at this time of year!

Happy growing!




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