Summer maintenance

After a busy-busy summer, I’m back!  I wasn’t super active with the school gardens over the summer, but that doesn’t mean that nothing was happening…

With the new school garden, the parents were in charge of taking care of it over the summer… and by the looks of it they did a great job!  At the end of the school year, I spent a couple of hours in the garden with them to “hand over” the garden for the summer.  I made a little booklet for each of them with maps of each of the plots, so they knew what’s growing where.  They started off with a gardening schedule of watering about 2-3 times a week, but with the hot and dry July that we had, that quickly changed to watering every day.  I only visited the garden once over the summer, but when I did, it looked great (see the pictures below).

I was somewhat more active with the Spiderweb garden’s summer maintenance.  I spent a few evenings (every other Thursday) there, doing some summer maintenance and harvesting with some parents and kids.  (I’m super thankful for all of the work that a few moms from the school have put into the garden in the summer, both during the workbees and whenever else they had time! Thanks!) The garden had a bit of a rough time in July, when it was super hot and dry (it didn’t rain for about a month and a half straight).  That seems to have affected the Three Sisters Garden, which isn’t doing well this year.  Fortunately, most other things are doing pretty well.  The tomatoes, for one, are a total jungle!  And the salad greens held up for quite a while too, surprisingly (since they don’t tend to like hot and dry weather).  During the summer maintenance workbees, we did quite a lot of weeding (once it started raining again in August, the garden quickly turned into a weed jungle) and also some harvesting (garlic, salad greens, lots of herbs, one potato, a few handfulls of beans, and tons of tomatoes).  There are a couple of girls who live across the street from the garden who have been doing some harvesting on their own and with their parents through the summer as well, and were super excited to tell me about the salads they’d made!  Pretty awesome!

Check out some summer pictures from both of the gardens:

Till next time, happy growing!


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