Getting Growing

It’s super fun to be at the schools more again and not just doing planning from home (though I’ve still been doing lots of that too).  The kids are great and it’s fun to see the kids excited about me being back as well.  It’s so funny walking through the halls and hear a kid whisper to their friend “hey, that’s the garden lady!” and then get really excited when I turn around and say hi to them.  Such cuties.  It’s also pretty exciting to hear stories from parents, like how their grade 2 kid initiated a breakfast-time conversation about compost and how worms are pretty cool (if a little bit yucky). So rewarding!

We’ve finally planted some seeds in both of the school gardens in the past few weeks: sugar snap peas, lettuce, spicy salad greens, kale, radishes, kohlrabi, carrots, onins and some corn in the Three Sisters Garden.  I’ve been super happy with the kids, both classroom groups and Garden Clubs, who have been willing to brave cool and rainy weather to come out and do some seeding.  Compared to Scandinavia where the kids are out in any weather all year round, schools here get indoor recesses way to often (even when it’s just spitting a bit), so it’s nice to get the kids out when it’s raining a bit and watch them enjoy it.  Seeds got in way later than I’d hoped, but hopefully they’ll still do okay since it’s been such a cool and rainy spring.  We’ll see…  Some of the greens and radishes that got seeded a week or two ago at the Spiderweb Garden have started coming up, though not prolifically yet.

What are growing pretty prolifically are the seedlings under the growlights, waiting to be planted in the new school garden and to be given away to parents at the school’s fun fair next week.  Check out some of these babies:

I made my first attempt at building trellises with students during Garden Club (grades 1-4, mostly grade 1/2) yesterday at the Spiderweb Garden.  It resulted in some interesting creations. But hey, I’m sure the peas and cukes will still be happy to climb up them.  I’m excited to have a few vertical pieces in the garden this year, and really hope they don’t get knocked over (at least not too often).  Check out yesterday’s creations:

Trellises built by the Garden Club kids.

Of course there is already some green in the garden – some volunteer cilantro/coriander that self-seeded from last year, oregano, sage, mint, lemon balm, chives, garlic chives…  Even a couple of onions that I thought didn’t make it last year, but have come up again. Cool.

Happy growing!


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  1. Posted by Malin on May 19, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Wow! You inspire me! Thank you, Elin 🙂 ♥Malin


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