Digging delays

I very very rarely complain about the weather, but I must admit, this week has been frustrating.  We had this scheduled as our big dig-week for the new school garden, but we’ve had quite a lot of heavy rain this week, so no digging.  Not that we’re wimpy and afraid of getting wet and muddy (quite the contrary – I’m looking forward to this season’s perma-dirt).  BUT, digging soaking wet soil damages the soil structures and leaves it clumpy.  So we’ve pushed digging the garden to next week and are all doing our best sunshine dances in the hopes that next week’s weather will be drier. 


We DID go and measuring out the garden plots today, though.   There were five of us who measured and staked the plots and then pulled string between the stakes to mark off the plots and paths.  When we started staking according to the original drawing, we realized that the plots would have ended up being about 4.5 feet wide – way too wide for kids to be able to reach the middle of the plot without stepping in it.  So some recalculation and replanning was in order.  For a while there, I thought my head might explode – measuring, multiplying, adding, dividing…  But we got the work done and it’s looking great!  The little plot of schoolyard is starting to look like a garden!

  Before: Just a little patch of rototilled schoolyard. 

     Hard at work. Any steam coming out of my ears yet?

                          It’s hard to see the twine, but doesn’t it look more like a garden now?


While I was at the school anyway, I did a quick walk around to the classes that had started seeds last week.  And in pretty much every class, at least something had started growing!  (Peppers hadn’t sprouted yet, but they tend to be sloooow…)  I was worried, since there was a long weekend right after we’d done the seeding, but so far so good.  We’ll hopefully get some of the seedlings under the growlights tomorrow, to help them grow nice and strong (and not too leggy) before they go out in the garden.  I definitely got some strange looks from some teaching assistants when I did a happy dance for the cucumber plants that had started growing.  But oooh, so exciting!  I’ll have to take some pictures of all the little lovelies soon!

Happy growing!


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