Growing the garden programme

Last Thursday (April 21st), I headed back to the Spider Web Garden.  Though I haven’t yet actually done any work in that garden this year, things are getting greener!  The garlic has grown and is looking great, of course the chives and garlic chives keep getting taller, and the oregano is springing back to life.  It was fun being back at the school and seeing a bunch of students I hadn’t seen since the fall – some came right up and said “Hi Elin!” or “Hi Garden Lady!” while I also got lots of confused looks from kids who knew I was familiar but couldn’t quite place me.

I had a lunch meeting with the teachers, to introduce what activities I will be offering this spring.  We’re hoping to take the garden programming a bit deeper this year and incorporate it more directly intro curriculum requirements.  Ideally, we’d like to make garden programming an essential element of the curriculum, though that’s still a ways off.  It was great seeing the teachers again and seeing their excitement about garden programming and about me being back again this year.  This is the first time in the history of the Spider Web garden that they’ve had the same garden educator come back the next year (because it’s such a part-time job, most people have found other full-time jobs and haven’t come back – I’m glad to be able to combine a number of part-time jobs and include two school garden educator jobs in that).  It was also great to get some super useful feedback from the teachers, especially on how better to incorporate garden activities directly into their curriculum needs.  With the consistency of me being back for a second year at the Spider Web garden, we’re able to start to develop a deeper curriculum-linked garden program, which is super exciting!  I can’t wait to get started there with classes next Tuesday!

Happy growing!


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  1. So great to hear about the curriculum-linkage! Good for you 🙂


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