Wake up, sleepyheads!

A few weeks ago, I started getting impatient to see what last year’s school garden (the SpiderWeb Garden) was looking like after the snow had melted.  Had the garlic that we planted in the fall come up?  Had the perennials survived?  How tall were the chives already (no doubt about them surviving…)?

On April 5th, I finally headed over to the SpiderWeb Garden.  I was getting together with a couple of amazing women who are mothers at the school and who make sure that the school garden runs smoothly from year to year.  We started making plans of how and when to introduce this year’s garden activities to the teachers, so that they can sign up for me to come and do workshops with their students.  But anyway, back to the garden.  The garlic had in fact come up – exciting!  This was the first time I had planted garlic, so I was thrilled to see it had come up.  Unfortunately, they were calling for snow the next day, so I was afraid the garlic shoots would freeze off.  I covered them with a good layer of leaves to help protect them a bit.           

Our little garlic patch

Not surprisingly, the chives had also started to grow.  A nice burst of green in the middle of the garden.  They looked all disheveled – like they had just woken up from the long winter and still had bedhead. 

Bedhead chives

A few other plants had also woken up from their winter slumber – garlic chives, some sort of onions that were there before I started gardening there and strawberries.  But the garden was still pretty grey/brown at that point.

The garden is still brown, but federal election signs are quickly sprouting

Till next time, happy growing!


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  1. ‘Bedhead chives’ – nice!!! 🙂 I love to see the garden waking up in spring. Happy growing!


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